Tuija Rinne
Mohamed El Hosseny

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El Hosseny Dance School is a school of oriental dance. Its experienced and professionnally qualified instructors Tuija Rinne and Mohamed El Hosseny guide you from the basics to the modern trends of this beautiful dance with a long tradition.

We teach Egyptian dance in its many forms, from women’s traditional solo dance to folklore and more modern versions.

Studying in our school is goal-directed, being at the same time fun and rewarding! Regular studies bring results: besides dance, you learn a great deal also about Arab music, rhythms and the cultural background of the dance. Oriental dance is good exercise too, one or two classes a week keep the body fit and flexible and your mind in good mood!

Oriental dance suits all ages, women as well as men and children. Our teaching schedule offers plenty to choose from, besides weekly classes and workshops we organize upon order also private lessons and specially tailored classes for small groups, to train e.g. specified technique issues, repeat choreographies taught in classes, or even learn a new choreography for your repertoire.

We offer our students opportunities to perform in our student shows, for advanced students also more demanding performances.